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Assertions for a specific person.

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Dr. GoddardA man from Wapping in the county of Greater London, known to be a physician, who gives evidence that Lady Powell's sickness and death was due to "Dropsie, the Scurvey, and the yellow Jaundies" and therefore altogether natural. Together with fellow examining physicians Dr. Colladen, Dr. Bates and Dr. Chabrey, and surgeons Mr. Stamford and Mr. Page, he "wondered how she was able to live so long, having most of those diseases growing on her for many years before." His testimony helps prove Anne Levingstone innocent in her aunt's death, and by extension, that Joan Peterson cannot have used witchcraft to assist in Lady Powell's death.(6-7,10-11)Dr. Bates, and Dr. Colledon Physitians, together with Mr. Stamford, and Mr. Page Chyrurgians, and divers other persons of good quality, testified the disease, manner of sickness, and the cause of the said Ladies death, which were the Dropsie, the Scurvey, and the yellow Jaundies, and that they wondred how she was able to live so long, having most of those diseases growing on her for many years before; amongst which evidences the innocency of (Mrs. Levingstone) formerly by the confederates maliciously aspersed and bespattered, was now fully vindicated, to their great astonishment, trouble, and disgrace. [...] October the 8. 1651. In the Body of the Lady Powell, who dyed the seventh of this instant, was observed, The Skin vniversally discovered Yellow. The Belly swolne very much, the Thighs also and Legs. The Cavity of the Abdomen possessed with yellowish obscure water, the quantity whereof not much above one Gallon and an half. The Stomack and Guts not dissafected, nor the Kidnies. The Pancreas canceorus in part, some part being degenerated into a feculent matter; like Amurca or dregs of oyle, yet contained in a Ciste. The Liver larger then it ought, black, of an unequal schirrous or rather Cancerous substance, exangues. The Spleen joyned with the left part of the hallow of the liver, as if they were one body, very black, and hard outwardly, inwardly rotten. The Gall large and full, but of a deeper Yellow, inclined to red and black matter. In the cavity of the Breast or Thorax water of the same substance and colour neer a Gallon. The Lungs something thicker and more discoloured then usual. The heart well. The Bones very easily broken. Phisitians. Colladon. George Bate. Goddard. George Chabrey. Chirurgians. Charles Stamford Thomas Page.()