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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Timothy LittletonA judge from Kent who presides over the Assizes at Maidstone in Kent including the case of James Watts. Watts was accused by several people of bewitching a 16 year old girl named Anne Huggins. She was found not guilty. (58-65)MAIDSTONE ASSIZES, 11 MARCH 1678 Before Thomas Twisden, J, and Timothy Littleton, B. [Assizes 35/119/6] 307. Gaol Delicevery Commission empowering Thomas Twisden, J, Timothy Littleton, B, Thomas Lee, Eldred Lancelot Lee and John Smyth to deliver the gaol of Kent at Maidstone. dated Westminster 3 Feb. 1678, and signed by -- Barker, Chancery clerk. *** 339. Indictment of James Watts, wife of John Watts of St Nicholas's, Rochester, labourer, for witchcraft. On 5 Mar. 1678 at Rochester she bewitched Anne Huggins, aged 16 years, so that her body was wasted and consumed. [endorsed] Anne Huggins, John Batty, Margaret Day, Elizabeth Hartridge, Anne Benson, Anne Staines. True bill. Not guilty. ()