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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Roger DayA man from St. Andrew's in Dublin, who is a smith and the master of James Day. James Day tells his master about his alleged encounter with the Devil, and Roger Day advises him that he must meet again with the Devil the following week if he promised. When James Day returns from a visit to his Uncle Patrick Dawson's house, and claims he will no longer serve Roger Day, but rather his uncle, James Tuit, and that he would not trouble himself with the Protestant minister Mr. Travers any longer, Roger Day goes to Mr. Travers, and "prevail'd upon him to discover what had happen'd to him." This leads to James Day revealing that his encounter with the Devil was fabricated, and James Day swears to serve Roger Day faithfully thereafter.(1)A Boy Named James Day, Aged about eighteen years, formerly bred in the Blew Boy-Hospital, and now an Apprentice to Roger Day, Smith, on Lazy-Hill in St. Andrews Parish, Dublin, ()