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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
James TuitA man from St. Andrew's in Dublin, who is the uncle of James Day, and of the Roman Catholic religion, and therefore a papist. James Tuit spend much time pressuring his nephew James Day "to leave his Master Roger Dav's service and live with him, promising him that he should never be without pence in his Pocket." James Tuit comes up with the story of James Day's encounter with the Devi, and instructs his nephew "to leave a torn Paper written in blood," for other people to find. James Tuit is arrested by order of the justice Sir Humphrey Jervise, along with his wife, Joan Tuit.(2)On Wednesday the 19th of June, This Boys Uncle Patrick Dawson a Papist, who lives in Yorkstreet, sent a Coach for him, and had him brought to his House, where he staid some time; however he returned home to his Masters in the evening, and told his Master, that he was resolved to serve him no longer, but to bring himself to his Uncle James Tuit, (a Papist) Woolsted Comber in Thomas Court, and that he would turn Papist, for that he was sure, no one but a Priest could do him any good in that condition, and that Mr. Travers need not trouble himself any more with him, but would tell them nothing of what occasiond this new sudden change in him: As soon as Mr. Travers was informed of this by the Boys Master the next morning, he went to him, and with much ado, prevaild upon him to discover what had happend to him the evening before at his Uncle Dawson and twas as follows.()