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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Dawson (Aunt)A woman from St. Andrew's in Dublin, who was the aunt of James Day, of the Roman Catholic church and therefore a papist. James Day visits his uncle, Patrick Dawson, and his Aunt Dawson sends a little girl (Anonymous 357) to fetch Father Barnwell. She "frequently Advis'd and Press'd this Boy their Nephew, to come over to their Religion," and she was in on the fabricated story where James Day encounters the Devil. She is arrested with her husband by order of Sir Humphrey Jervise when the fabricated story is revealed.(2)When he first went to the house, he heard his Aunt Dawson bid a little Girl run with all speech and fetch (as he understood) Father Barnwell, and that soon after a Person came in, in the appearance and dress of an Old Woman, with a Friars Mantle like a Fryars Habit, who told him, that she had been Dead, and was Risen from the Dead, and that while she was Dead, she was in Heaven, where she saw and conversed with God, and Christ, the Angels, the Virgin Mary and Saints, and that they all told her, there was no Salvation any where but in the Church of Rome and that she saw King Charles II in Heaven, and that the reason of his being there was his dying a Papist; that there was great Virtue in Holy Water, and shewd him a Cruicifix, and ordered him to hang one about his neck as a constant Charm; with these and such like perswasions she tempted the Boy to change his Religion and turn to Mass, but the Boy made answer, that he could not be benefited by the Mass Service; it being in Latin, which he did not understand; but she told him the Mass was Celebrated in as good English as was used, either in Church or Meeting: Upon this, Mr. Travers went immediately to Patrick Dawsons House, and they confessd that such a Woman had been there that evening in the Boys company, and that she lived in the end of the Town, but when he was earnest to have her produced, they denyd they knew where to find her, that she was only a begger Woman that came in by accident, tho they ownd then they had seen her there several times before, and knew her by sight very well.()