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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 358A woman from St. Andrew's in Dublin, who allegedly dressed "with a Friar's Mantle like a Fryars Habit," and tells James Day at his Uncle Dawson's house that she had died and gone to Heaven, only to rise from the dead again. She tries to persuade James Day to change his religion, for "Mass was Celebrated in as good English as was used, either in Church or Meeting." When the minister Mr. Travers investigates, it is revealed that the old woman "lived in the end of the Town," and that she was simply "a begger Woman that came in by accident"; she is part of a fraud to get James Day to change religions. When a warrant is issued for her arrest by the justice Sir Humphrey Jervise, the old woman is unable to be located. (2)Upon this Declaration of the Boy, Sir Humphery Jervise issued his Warrants immediately that same day, for the Apprehending the abovenamed Dawson and Tuit: with their Wives, who were all accordingly Apprehended and bound over to the next Quarter Sessions, which have not been yet held; in the mean time, they do not discover either the Priests, or the Old Woman; however, Joan Tuit confesses that she did intend to carry the Boy with her, as he said, to Johns Well; which besides the Boys Oath, is a strong presumption, that his Confession is real in the other parts of it, and that she knows the whole matter.()