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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Joan TuitA woman from St. Andrew's in Dublin, who is allegedly involved in the plot to help her nephew, James Day, change from the Protestant religion to the Roman Catholic religion. Joan Tuit takes her nephew to "the Popish Chappel at St. Audoen's Arch," and swears to keep the fabricated story of James Day's encounter with the Devil a secret. When James Day confesses, Sir Humphrey Jervise sends a warrant for her arrest, and she is accordingly apprehended. Joan Tuit herself confesses that she intended on helping with the fabricated story, by taking her nephew to a well, where is was to claim being miraculously cured.(2)The Substance of his Confession was as follows; That his Uncle James Tuit, and Patrick Dawson, with their Wives, being all Papists, had frequently Advisd and Pressd this Boy their Nephew, to come over to their Religion; and that on the 8th of June, the said James Tuit did first put the foregoing Story in the Boys Head; and that afterwards the same day, his Aunt Joan Tuit did carry him to the Popish Chappel at St. Audoens Arch, where the doors being shut, and none present besides her and one Man; two supposed Priests, or Fryars, repeated to him the very same Story and caused him to swear by the Mass Book to relate and stand by it, and they themselves swore by the same Book, as also Joan Tuit and the other man, never to discover the secret.()