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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 370A woman from the London borough of Southwark, known to be a cunning-woman, whom Richard Hathaway and his friends (Anonymous 368) consulted when he was cured of his blindness and inability to eat or drink, but left passing pins in his stool. She advised them to boil Hathaway's urine in a stone bottle, but the bottle burst into pieces when they did so, returning Hathaway to his former state even though none of the shards touched him. (1)Upon which they went to one who seemed to have some skill, she liveth in Goodmans-fields; she advised them to boil his Water in a Stone Bottle, which they did accordingly, the Young-man being present, who could see at that time, the bottle burst and flew in several piecces; and notwithstanding none of the pieces toucht him, he was instantly struck blind, to the admiration of all that see it. All of which having been done, he lay as before for many Weeks and being in such a woeful condition, was to Scratch her a second time, which he did perform by the help of some Neighbours, and was also delivered to his sight as before. At which time he could both eat, drink, see and talk, as well as ever; and altho' he had eat no Victuals for some Weeks, he voided excrement with several Pins.()