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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Sir Thomas LaneA man from the London borough of Southwark, who is known to have been the Examiner for the trial of Mrs. Sarah Morduck and Richard Hathaway. Lane observed Hathaway scratch Morduck in court, consume the amount of bread and cheese an ordinary man could be expected to in three days, and not long after pass a large amount of urine and a small amount of excrement into his britches.(2)Being carried before the fore-mentioned Sir Thomas Lane, she was Examined as to the fact, which she denyed. [...] But having scracht her in presence of them all, he presently call'd for Victuals, which was immediately brought to him by the Justice's order, viz. Sir Thomas Lane, being no other-ways then bread and chease, which he craved for: And it was observed, that he at the same time Eat more than an ordinary Man had eat in three days, and still continued craving for more. At the same time Sir Thomas ordered him into a room both, two or three person, when in his going, he made a considerable deal of Water in his britches, and a small time after voided, a little Excrement. ()