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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Dr. Ha[w]ksA man from Spitalfields in the borough of Greater London, known to be a doctor, to whom Mr. Chamblet came for advice on un-witching his wife Mrs. Chamblet after the death of their daughter Elizabeth; Dr. Ha[w]ks advises that Mr. Chamblet boil a quart of Mrs. Chamblet's urine with parings from her nails and some of her hair.(4)He farther deposed, that she also Bewitched his Wife, and that after the death of his Daughter, he went to one Dr. Ha[...]ks in Spittle-Fields, who advised him to take a quart of his Wives water, the pairing of her Nails, some of her Hair, and such like, and boyl them, which he did, in a Pipkin, at which time he Swore he heard the Prisoners voice at his door, and that she Screimed out as if she were Murdered, and that the next day she appeared to be much swelled and bloated[.]()