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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
CondyA man of Stoke Climsland in the county of Cornwall, known to be a cunning person, to whom alleged demoniac Thomas Sawdie's uncle (Anonymous 376) came for a cure for Sawdie's fits. Condy declaired Sawdie to be "overlookt" and first prescribed a plaster, a powder and a little bag to hang around the boy's neck. When this failed to cure him, Condy next prescribed only a powder and the promise of a cure; the third time, he simply charged Sawdie's family with watching him carefully and not to let the boy out of their sight.(3)Hereupon an Uncle to the Boy, who held an Estate, wherein his life was of main concernment, took him and carried him to one Condys of Stoke-Climsland in the said-County, who said, that the Boy was overlookt. He gave him a Plaister, a Powder, and a little Bag to hang about his neck, and doubted not to cure him. The second time his Relations went, this Condy gave them only a Powder, but did promise them most certainly to cure him. The third time that they applied themselves to this Condy, they did most earnestly intreat him to shew them somewhat more, what the distemper was, (seeing the Boy was unruly, and taken so strangely) he charged them to watch him carefully, and not to let him be out of their sight, least he were taken away: For that on their neglect so he would be, and they should never find him, but dead by some hedge or old wall. He charged them to come to him again, but they went no morre. ()