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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mr. CaryA man from Lawrack in the County of Cornwall, known to be a physician, whom John Roberts consulted to discover the cause of alleged demoniac Thomas Sawdie's illness. Sawdie's urine was found to be full of black dust and something that looked like rags of brown paper, which Carey proclaimed bewitched. He prescribed a julep, a plaster, a cordial of Alchermes and some other things, but none of it helped.(3)This distemper increasing on him, his Master sent to one Mr. Cary a Physician at Lyskerd; who when he poured his Water into a Urinal, said, he could not discern any thing by the Water, for that it was very full of black dust, and as it were rags of Brown Paper; and told those that brought it, they should go home again, and take his Water, and put it into a cleaner Vessel; which being done, (though the Vessel was clean enough before) and brought to him again, he found it even as at first; and then he said it was bewitched. However, he sent him a Julep, a Plaister, and a Cordial of Alchermes, with some other things: But the Boy grew worse, and worse, and fell into several sorts of Fits. ()