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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Nicholas TeagA man of Lawrack (Landrake) in the County of Cornwall, known to be a minister, to whom John Roberts appealed for help after Thomas Sawdie confessed to making a compact with the Devil. Teag presided over a day of prayers for Sawdie, along with fellow ministers Mr. Toms, Mr. Travers and Mr. Lydston, and discovered he had a great effect on the boy when touching his hand or making eye contact with his face. Though unable to end the possession, their efforts succeeded in weakening the Devil's hold on Sawdie.(7)In the pursuance whereof, the Master of the Boy went to Mr. Nicholas Teag a Minister of his acquaintance a few miles distant, (with whom it was Vacation time) and declared the case to him, under what a sad dispensation of Providence they were cast; and with tears besought his advice, what course to steer for deliverance. He was told, that as the disease was, so must be the means for remedy. That he should get some knowing, experienced, pious Christians, or Ministers, or both; and setting apart a day, seek help of God, with the Boy in the midst of them. That this was Gods way, and so the safest and most effectual. That he should take care none did thenceforth apply themselves to Condy in the Boys behalf, for that was dangerous; An that he had cause to thank God, that he was not conscious to former applications in that kind, he being ignorant (as he professed) of the person, and his ways of working. Upon this he desired that Minister to bear a part n the work of such a day, as was then proposed, and resolved on; who promising him, wished him to get three more, and to carry the business with as little noise as possible might be. Thus he returns to his House, and the next day early, went to procure three Ministers more, to meet as his House on this sad occasion the day after. And therein he did speed, and got Mr. Toms Mr. Travers, Mr. Lydston, Mr. Teag, (who mere all at leisure for such service) though not without a providence casting one of them in his way, without whom he had not (probably) been furnished that time with his desired number. ()