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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 381A man from the country of Holland, who visits Lancaster in the county of Lancashire as a stranger. He touches a lump which appears on Richard Dugdale's body, and the lump allegedly speaks to him, warning him that as a Doctor of Physick, there is nothing he can do for Richard Dugdale, who can only be attended by Doctors of Divinity. It is revealed that the stranger is a physician.(42)A Stranger wholly unknown at the Surey, laying his hand on the said lump, these words came out of it, Tho' thou be a Doctor of Physick, thou canst not help Dicky, for none but Doctors of Divinity, can do him any good; Upon which the said Stranger being askt, who he was, confest, that he was a Physician new come from Holland, the said lump being instantly flat again, as soon as the said Fit was over.()