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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 384A young man from Hadlaw in the county of Kent, who is the seventeen year old servant of Henry Chowning. The young man allegedly encounters a spirit in the form of a greyhound, who instructs him to go to Virginia before disappearing. Following this encounter, the boy returns home to master, "in a great fright," and "amazed." He falls ill, and his condition continues to deteriorate, so that observers "fear'd the Boy would make away with himself," because he was "under an evil Tongue or bewitcht." His master seeks the help of Dr. Skinner to treat him. Dr. Skinner sees that the boy is "melancholy," and likely possessed by the Devil in the shape of a greyhound, "for, it was as it were in amaze, and his eyes were always fixed in his head," and it was difficult to get him to speak. Once the boy did speak, he confessed to being tempted by strange things, such "as to go to Sea, and matters that he was not able to mention." As well, "he spoke through the Nose (as we call it) for it was not his own speech, but the Spirit or Devil within him." After assessing the pain he was under, Dr. Skinner "understood what the means must be that must relieve him." The boy is administered medicines, which "he was very willing to take." The boy's mother finds him "much ammended" within a week. The boy complains of a "pain in his belly," so that Dr. Skinner sent him more medicine, and he was cured within "18 days time." After this, the boy is dispossessed and cured of his illness, and "neither hath any thing attempted to trouble him since in the least." decides that the boy is "possest with a Devil in the shape of a Greay-hound," as Anonymous 384 confesses to being tempted by strange things, such "as to go to Sea," to great pain, and can speak in a voice "not his own speech." The young servant boy seems to be better when around Dr. Skinner, who then gives him medicine, leading to him being "made perfectly well in 18 days time."(8-9)Henry Chowning, living in the Parish of Hadlaw in Kent, had a sevent-Boy about the age of seventeen years; he was much inclind to read the Scriptures, and lively enough, and a good Servant, and healthy: his Master sent []n out in his ground, where he had not been []ing, but there appeared unto him a Spirit in 9 the form of a Grey-hound, which made towards him, and spoke, saying, You must go into Virginia; it said no more, but vanished()