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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mary HallA young woman from Littte Gaddsen in the county of Hertfordshire and the daughter of a local smith. She is described as described as "very young, and seems bashful, and modest," a "civil fair-conditioned Maid," whose "Friends [are] inclined to the Anabaptists Sect, and most that came to pray by her were of their Teachers." Hall suffers a strange and disturbing illness which made her feet shake, her body convulse, and for her to shout out strange things. This illness first appears in Autumn 1663. She was taken to see a physician, a Dr. Woodhouse, a man described as " Doctor Woodhouse from Berkhamsted, in the county of Hertfordshire, "a Man famous in curing bewitched persons," who tested her urine and diagnosed her as bewitched / possessed. Hall was exorcised over "stinking Suffumigations," which made he (strain to) vomit. She was temporarily cured, but as of August 1664 (until presumably the time of publication (1665) her torments and voices and noises were soon heard inside of her again, like the "mewing of Cats, barking of Dogs, roaring of Bears, &c. at last a Voice spoke in her, Pus Cat, what a Cat?" It was concluded that this was an "evil spirit" which plagued Hall with these "tricks and torments, [and] convulsions." Hall pinpoints her possession as beginning sometime after she saw "two Flies come down the Chimny to her." She is allegedly possessed by two spirits sent by local witches Goodwife Young and Goodwife Harrod, spirits which attempted to possess her father but were unable to. Mary was soon tempted to self-destruction (by burning, drowning, and scalding herself), and was unable to ride her horse or read the bible. Her possession manifest as convulsions and a choking sensation, although she would also be made to dance and flail about. She is also treated by Sanders (an astrologer and chiromancer), and Mr. Redman (physician and conjurer). (32)M[a]ry Hall, a Maid of Womans Stature, a Smiths Daughter of little Gadsden in the County of Hartford, began to sicken in the fall of the Leaf, 1663. It took her first in one foot with a trembling shaking and Convulsive motion, afterwards it possessed both; she would sit stamping very much; she had sometimes like Epileptick, sometimes like Convulsive fits, and strange ejaculations: she was sent to Doctor Woodhouse of Barkinsted, a Man famous in curing bewitched persons, for so she was esteemed to be; he seeing the Water and her, judged the like, and prepared stinking Suffumigations, over which she held her head, and sometimes did strain to vomit, and her distemper for some weekes seemed abated, upon Doctor Woodhouse direction; Then reinvigorating, were heard in her strange noises, like mewing of Cats, barking of Dogs, roaring of Bears, &c. at last a Voice spoke in her, Pus Cat, what a Cat? nothing but mue; this was about the beginning of August, 1664. and after this the evil Spirit spoke often, exercising the tricks and torments, convulsions, and elevations of the Maid, as before it spoke, with some Additions. ()