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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Edmond OsborneA man from Little Oakley in the county of Essex and Husband of Godlife Osborne. Edmond returned home from Manningtree with some good malt, which he wished his wife to brew into a quality beer. She set out to do so the next day, but after attempting to call in a loan from Annis Heard, was foiled. The beer was not salvageable and given to the swine. (Fv-F2)Edmond Osborne and Godlife his wife, said that a litle before Christmas last past, he bought at Manitree mault, and brought it home, and said to his wife, good wife, let vs haue good drinke made of it. And the next day shee went in hand to brew the same, and when she had meshed her first worte and did let it goe, that did verye well: Then his said wife hauing occasion to send her lad to their ground, she bade the lad call at Annis Herds for iii. d. the which shee owed her for a pecke of Aples, and that the lad so did: And she answered him very short, and saide, shee had it not now, saying, she shold haue it as soone as y^ Wooll ma~ came: and the lad came home, & tolde his dame what she had said. And at yt time, she this examinat was readie to meshe ye seconde time, & whe~ she had done, her mesh at wrought vp as the fat doth when it was set a worke with good beere, and bare vp a hand breadth aboue y^ fat, and as they thrust in a sticke or any other thing, it would blow vp and then sinked againe, then she saith, yt she did heat an yron redde hot, and put ye same into it, & it rose vp no more. And then she let goe, and then shee did seath the wort, and when it was sodden it stancke in suche sorte, as that they were compelled to put ye same in the swill tubbe. ()