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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mother RatcliffeA woman from St. Osyth in the county of Essex and likely a cunning woman, wise woman, or medical practitioner. When Annis Letherdall comes to believe that her year and a half old daughter, Elizabeth, who is then "in most piteous case to beholde," has been bewitched by Ursley Kempe, she takes the child to see Mother Racliffe because "shee had some experience of her skill." Ratcliffe appears to be a neighbor of Ursley Kempe; to get to Ratcliffe's home, Letherdall has to pass by Kempe's home, prompting Elizabeth to cry and point. Although Ratcliffe "doubted shee shoulde doe it any good, yet shee ministred" to Letherdall's daughter. She was indeed unable to do much good, the infant died and Kempe was charged for the crime. (A2V-A3)The information of Annis Letherdall, wife of Richard Letherdall, taken by mee Brian Darcey Esquire, against Vrsley Kempe, alias Grey the xix. day of February. THe said Annis saith, that before Michaelmas last, she the said Ursley sent her sonne to the said Letherdals house, to haue scouring sand, and sent word by the said boy, yt his mother would giue her the dying of a payre of womens hose for the sand: But the said Annis knowing her to be a naughtie beast sent her none. And after she the said Ursley, seeing her gyrle to carry some to one of her neighbours houses, murmured as the said childe said, & presently after her childe was taken as it lay very bigge, with a great swelling in the bottome of the belly, and other priuie partes. And the saide Annis saith, yt about the tenth day of Februarie last shee went vnto the said Ursley, and tolde her that shee had been foorth with a cunning body, which saide, yt she the said Ursley had bewitched her childe: To yt the said Ursley answered, that shee knewe shee had not so been, and so talking further she said, that she would lay her life that she the said Annis had not been with any: whereupon shee requested a woman being in the house a spinning with the said Ursley, to beare witnesse what shee had said. And the next day the childe was in most piteous case to beholde, whereby shee thought it good to Carry the same vnto mother Ratcliffe, for that shee had some experience of her skill, The which when the said mother Ratcliffe did see, shee saide to the saide Annis that shee doubted shee shoulde doe it any good, yet shee ministred vnto it, &c. ()