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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Sir Gilbert PickeringA man from Tichmarch in the county of Northampton, known to be a knight, the brother or brother in law of Robert and Mistress Throckmorton, and the uncle of Joan, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Grace and Robert Throckmorton. On hearing about the afflictions of his nieces, he came to Warboys to visit and see it for himself. He went with the group who went to persuade Mother Alice Samuel to persuade her to visit the Throckmorton children; she refused due to the accusations that she had bewitched them and feared that the children would scratch her. Pickering and company forced her to come, along with her daughter Agnes Samuel and Cicely Burder; he overheard her tell Agnes not to confess to anything. He witnessed the children fall into fits when Mother Samuel entered the house, and assisted Jane in scratching her. When Pickering returned home to Tichmarch Grove, he brought the children with him. He observed that Elizabeth was unafflicted during the ride there, but fell into a fit as soon as she entered his home; these fits often affected coordination when she tried to eat. Pickering experimented with taking the children into the churchyard adjoining his home while they were in their fits. He noted that they would come out of the fit as soon as they entered the churchyard, but resume again on returning to the house. About 20 years later, Sir Gilbert Pickering apprehended Arthur Bill, Bill (Mother) and Bill (Father) on charges of witchcraft and delivered them to Northampton Gaol.(C3)These thre, the Father, Mother and Sonne, beeing thus sene floating vpon the water, the suspition that was before not well grounded, was now confirmed: Whereupon the said Arthur Bill beeing the principall or (I thinke) the onely Actor in this Tragedy, was apprehended and sent to Northampton gaole the nine and twentith day of May last by Si Gilbert Pickering of Tichmas alias Tichmase in the same County Knight, and presently after his commitment earing that his old father would relent, and so happily confesse that which might bee preiudiciall vnto him, sent for his mother to come vnto him, to whom bewraying his minde, they both ioyned together, and bewitched a round ball into the Throat of his Father, where it continued a great while, his Father not beeing able to speake a word. Howbeit the ball was afterwards had out, and his Father prooued the principall witnesse against him.()