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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 409A woman from Bewdley in the county of Worcestershire, who is allegedly seized by "strange Histerical Fits." These fits began by the "Stoppage of the Mestrua." Anonymous 409 seeks help from Richard Baxter, who provides her with "Castory and Rad. Ostrutii, and Sem. Dauci on Forestus Commendation," all of which she took and "began to be better." However, after Richard Baxter and the Pastor Mr. Robert Morton must leave her and Bewdley, "she was left without help, and grew worse than ever." Eventually, her fits culminate in a "suror uterinus ex corruptione Seminis," and she "seemed possest by the Devil." Anonymous 409's fits are typically characterized by: her increase in strength far above her own, so that "many could not hold her" ; her requests for "Needles and Pins, and Cords," so that she might kill herself; her ability to foretell that a papist would come to cure her, and her laughter "at his Holy Water" ; her "Swear[ing], Curs[ing], and Rage against any that were Religious, and Hugg[ing] of those that were Vicious, and be merry with them." Her fits continued for many years, between 1642 and 1647. When Richard Baxter is able to return to Bewdley, he calls on her, and "Prayed by her." After this, her neighbours are encouraged and "resolved to joyn with some of Bewdley, to Fast and Pray by her, till she was recovered." During prayers, Anonymous 409 is "in a violent Rage, and after thankt them." During the prayers of Mr. Thomas Ware, "she fell on the Floor like a Block, and having lain so a while, cryed out, He is gone, He is gone; The Black Dog is gone." After this incident, Anonymous 409 "never had a Fit." One young man (Anonymous 411) in particular who cared for her during her fits succumbed to his lust in "an Act of Wicked Compassion," as "in her Fits, [she would] toss her naked Body about, she being strong and comely." After they sinned together, Anonymous 409 seemed eased, which "enticed him the more to do it." However, Richard Baxter believes this only served to "Enrage her Disease." After Anonymous 409 is cured, the young man (Anonymous 411) comes forth and admits to his sins. "He Marryed her, and professed deep Repentance." Richard Baxter believes that Anonymous 409 had at first "the furor uterinus," which were the cause of her fits, but "in punishment of their Sin," she also became the victim of "a Real possession."(193-194)193 In Bewdley, a Sanguine strong Maid, fell into strange Histerical Fits: It began by Stoppage of the Menstrua, I gave her Castory and Rad. Ostrutii, and Sem. Dauci on Forestus Commendation, and she began to be better: But I being driven out of the Country by War, and Mr. Robert Morton (Dr. Mortons Father) their Pastor and Physitian driver after me to Coventry, she was left without help, and grew worse than ever: Till at last I think by a suror uterinus ex corruptione Seminis, she seemed 194 possest by a Devil:()