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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mr. Robert MortonA man from Bewdley in the county of Worcestershire, who help treat "a Sanguine strong maid" (Anonymous 409) for her "strange Histerical Fits." Mr. Robert Morton is the father of Dr. Morton, and the pastor and physician of the parish. When Mr. Robert Morton is taken away to Coventry," Anonymous 409 who was at first healing, "grew worse than ever." Her fits culminated in a "suror uterinus ex corruptione Seminis," and she seemed possessed by a devil. Mr. Robert Morton never returns to Bewdley.(193-194)In Bewdley, a Sanguine strong Maid, fell into strange Histerical Fits: It began by Stoppage of the Menstrua, I gave her Castory and Rad. Ostrutii, and Sem. Dauci on Forestus Commendation, and she began to be better: But I being driven out of the Country by War, and Mr. Robert Morton (Dr. Mortons Father) their Pastor and Physitian driver after me to Coventry, she was left without help, and grew worse than ever: Till at last I think by a suror uterinus ex corruptione Seminis, she seemed 194 possest by a Devil: ()