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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 410 (Plural)A number of people from Bewdley in the county of Worcestershire, who are the "praying Neighbours" of a "Sanguine strong Maid," (Anonymous 409) who is alleged seized by "Histerical Fits," caused by both a devil and "a suror uterinus." These people are encouraged by the prayers of Richard Baxter by the young maid, and resolved to "Fast and Pray by her, till she was recovered." During their prayers, the maid is "usually in violent Rage, and after thankt them." They continued this for many days, until she was cured.(194)When I returned home, I went to see her, and Prayed once by her, and came to her no more. At last my praying Neighbours encouraged by their Success, for others resolved to joyn with some of Bewdley, to Fast and Pray by her, till she was recovered: While they were Praying, she was usually in violent Rage, and after thankt them; after many days, in the midst of the Day, while Mr. Tho. Ware of Kederminster was Praying, she fell on the Floor like a Block, and having lain so a while, cryed out, He is gone, He is gone; The Black Dog is gone: And she never had a Fit after. ()