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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 426 (Plural)A man, his wife, and "divers of the Neighbours," from Combe St. Nicholas, in the county of Somerset, who live near Blackhill Downs. They claim that "they had at many times seen this Fair-keeping in the Summer time," a fair held for fairies (Anonymous 174). None of them dared "adventure in amongst them," for it was rumoured that whoever did so, "had received great damage by it."(210)There were some, whose names I have now forgot, but they then lived at a Gentlemans House named Comb Farm, near the place before specified; both the Man, his Wife, and divers of the Neighbours assured me that they had at many times seen this Fair-keeping in the Summer time, as they came from Tanton Market; but that they durst not adventure in amongst them, for that every one that had done so, had received great damage by it. Any Person that is Incredulous of what is here related, may, upon inquiry of the Neighbour Inhabitants, receive ample satisfaction, not only as to what is here related, but abundantly more, which I have heard solemnly confirmed by many of them. ()