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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
William LeighA man from Lancaster in the County of Lancashire, known to be a Justice of the Peace for Lancaster. He re-examined Grace Sowerbutts, Jennet Bierley, Ellen Bierley and Jane Southworth on August 19, 1612 at the direction of Justice of the Assizes Sir Edward Bromley.(M4v)The Examination of GRACE SOWERBVTS, of Salmesburie, in the Countie of Lancaster, Spin|ster: Taken vpon Wednesday the 19. of August 1612. Anno{que} Reg. Regis, IACOBI Angliae, Franciae, & Hi|berniae, Fidei Defensoris, &c. decimo & Scotiae, xlvi. Before WILLIAM LEICH, and EDWARD CHISNAL, Esquires; two of his Maiesties Iustices of Peace in the same Countie: At the Assizes and generall Gaole deliuerie, hol|den at Lancaster. By Direction of Sir EDWARD BROMLEY Knight, one of his Maiesties Iustices of Assize at Lancaster.()