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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 433A man from Great Gadson in the County of Buckinghamshire, known to be one of four ministers who prayed and fasted over alleged demoniac Anonymous 28 at the request of her father, Anonymous 429. A fifth was supposed to have joined them, but was prevented by an unexpected accident, as predicted by the evil spirits possessing the girl. The ministers' efforts succeeded in driving out one of the two spirits, and in forcing the girl to read from the Bible despite the best efforts of the remaining spirit.(5-6)Her Father being of the same opinion, and willing to use all lawful means for his only Childs recovery, having read that passage of our Saviours That kinde comes not out by Prayer and Fastings; he resolves to use that means, and to that purposed desired some Ministers to keep a day with him on that occasion. Having sent for them, the Devil told him, He expected five men to come, but there should only four come. This the Girl could not know of her self; yet so it happened: for one by an unexpected accident was prevented from coming. These four desired the assistance of several Godly Ministers and Christians in the Neighbourhood, who accordingly met, and kept several days in Fasting and Prayer; and according to the best judgment that could be made, one of the evil Spirits then departed, as was supposed from some accidents I shall relate by and by. I my self was present several of these days: First she had two great bunches rose up in her throat, and then a voice followed, uttering abominable Blasphemies; upon which a godly Minister present, and since deceased, being stirred up with great Zeal and Indignation, going to Prayer, did earnestly beg of God, that he would plague and torment Satan for such his Blasphemies; upon which the Spirit made a most dreadful crying and bemoaning his condition, and said, I will do so no more: To which the Minister replid, Satan, that shall not serve thy turn; and continuing his Prayer to God as before, the Devil again cried and roared most hideously, to the great amazement of all the people present; and from that time it was observed there was but one bunch rose up in her throat, from whence it was conjectured that one of the Spirits was departed. However, one continued his possession still, and after they had done Prayer, and were about to refresh themselves, he shewed strange tricks before them, tossing her up and down, and when she was going took away the use of her legs of a sudden. When she sate in a great Wicker chair he would cause the Chair to fall down backwards almost to the ground, and then lift it up again. One of the company bid her read in the Bible; the Devil said aloud, She shall not read: It was answered, She shall read, Satan, for all thee, and read thy Condemnation too. Whereupon he plaid more tricks by tossing her about, and drawing her face over to one side as if it had been placed to look over her shoulder, and drawn in a very deformed manner: but at length she read part of the 20 Chapter of the Revelations, though not without much opposition.()