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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 437 (Plural)A company of twenty four men and women from London, who are witness to the dispossession of Mary Glover as performed by five preachers: Mr. Evans, Mr. Lewis Hughes, Mr. Bridger, Mr. Barber and Mr. Skelton. These witnesses rejoice upon the release of Mary Glover, and are led in prayers and fasting for the girl by the preachers. At times, these witnesses are "fearfull" of Mary Glover when she is in her fits, and express much thanks when she is released. These witnesses visit Mary Glover some time after her dispossession as well, in order to assure themselves that her affliction has not returned. However, these witnesses are "slandered" by the Bishop Bancroft when he hears of their work in the dispossession of Mary Glover, named "a rout, rable, and swarme of giddy, idle, lunatick, illuminate, holy spectators, of both sexes." (41-42)and some againe were more fearfull, as, her bucklebone standing up in her bellie at the place of her navell, accompanied with the former disfigurings of eye, mouth, handes, armes, fingers, throat &c. And hereuppon ther were many outcryes amongst the company saying Jesus help, Lord shew mercy, Lord strengthen, Lord counfound Satan Lord send deliverance.()