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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Bishop Richard BancroftA man from London, who is both a doctor, and Bishop of London. Richard Bancroft believes that Elizabeth Jackson, a woman accused of witchcraft against the young girl, Mary Glover, is innocent. To this end, he petitions the court to examine Mary Glover for counterfeit symptoms, which the Lord Chief Justice Anderson agrees to, appointing the Recorder of London to examine the girl. Bishop Bancroft is a powerful man, who also manages to pull many strings, including helping Elizabeth Jackson plan a petition to the College of Physicians in November, 1602; and arranging for Dr. Jorden and Dr. Argent to testify that Mary Glover suffers from natural causes at the trial of Elizabeth Jackson. Despite his input, Elizabeth Jackson is found guilty of witchcraft. However, some months later, Bishop Bancroft is approached by the minister Mr. Lewis Hughes, who wishes to tell the Bishop of his success in dispossessing Mary Glover. However, Mr. Lewis is never granted an audience with the Bishop, and called "Rascall and varlot," for his stories. He is imprisoned for four months, and named along with the five other preachers present during Mary Glover's dispossession "Devil finders, Devil puffers, and Devill prayers," by the Bishop Bancroft. (12)Doctor Bancroft, then Lord Bishop of London, did informe Judge Anderson, then Lord chiefe Justice that the said Mother Iackson was wronged and that the maid did counterfeit, who upon, the Lord chiefe Justice gave order to Sir Iohn Crooke, then Recorder of London, to make triall of them in his Chamber at the Temple.()