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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Robert GreenstreetA man from Fevorsham in the County of Kent, known to be the Mayor of Faversham and to have presided over the examinations, confessions and trials of Joan Williford, Joan Cariden, Jane Hott and Elizabeth Harris; he also attested to the executions of all but Harris. Harris was convicted, but had not yet been executed at the time of the account's publication. Joan Williford claimed during her examination that Joan Cariden, alias Argoll, had cursed him. (Title Page)The examination, confession, triall, and execution, of Joane Williford, Joan Cariden, and Jane Hott: Who were executed at Feversham in Kent, for being Witches, on Munday the 29 of September, 1645. Being a true Copy of their evill lives and wicked deeds, taken by the Major of Feversham and Jurors for the said Inquest. With the Examination and Confession of Elizabeth Harris, not yet executed. All attested under the hand of ROBERT GREENSTREET, Major of Foversham.()