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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Grace ThrockmortonA child from Warboys in the county of Huntingdon, known to be about 9 years of age, the daughter of Robert Throckmorton and Mistress Throckmorton, and sister to Joan, Jane, Elizabeth, Grace and Robert Throckmorton. She became afflicted by fits a few weeks after her older sisters Jane, Elizabeth and Mary did. It was said that the sisters "all cried out of Mother Samuell, as the Children did, saying take her away Mistris, for Gods sake take her away and burne her, for shee will kill us all if you let her alone, hauing the same miseries and extremities that the children had, and when they were out of their fittes they knew no more than the children did." She was thereafter afflicted by fits of "lamenesse, blindnesse, deafnesse, and want of feeling." When her sister Elizabeth first scratched Agnes Samuel, Agnes was comforting Grace, who was in the throes of a fit, in her arms; Grace was caught in Agnes' embrace for the duration while Agnes was viciously scratched. Grace tried to scratch Agnes herself some time later, but her nails were too short and her strength insufficient to cause Agnes any harm. According to the spirit Smack, speaking through Joan, Grace was tormented by the spirit White.(5-6)After which answere from Master Doctour Barrow, Master Throckmorton resolued himselfe to rest uppon Gods pleasure, not striving any further by Phisicke to helpe his daughter; yet both himselfe and his wife were free from any such conceit of witchcraft which Master Doctour Barrow did suspect; untill within one ijst moneth after (the very day and houre almost observed) two more of his daughters elder than the other by two or three yeares, fell into the same like extremities as the other Sister before them was in, and cryed out upon Mother Samuell: saying, take her away, looke where shee standeth here before us in a blacke thrumbd Cap, (which kind of Cap indeed shee did usually weare, but shee was not then present) it is shee (saide they) that hath bewitched us, and shee will kill us if you doe not take her away. This thing did something moue the Parents, and strike into their minds a suspition of witchcraft, yet deuising with themselves for what cause it shoulde be wrought upon them or their children, they could not image, for they were but newly come to the towne to inhabite, which was but at Michaelmas before, neither had they giuen any occasion (to their knowledge) either to her or any other, to practise any such mallice against them. Within lesse than a Moneth after that, another Sister younger than any of the rest about the age of nine yeeres fell into the like case, and cried out of Mother Samuell as the other did.()