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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 441A woman from London, who is a neighbour of the young girl, Mary Glover. Mary Glover visits her when her throat and neck swell after a visit from Elizabeth Jackson. At Anonymous 441's house, Mary Glover is struck blind and dumb, and so Anonymous 441 brings Mary Glover back to her father's house.(Fol. 4r - Fol. 4v)Hereupon she went to a familiar neighbours house for succour, where she was taken moreover speechles, and blynde, and so was brought home to her fathers house. The same hower her necke and throat did swell extremely, and very deformedly, and so did it thereafter every day at sundrie times, depriving her of speeche, but not much impreaching breathing. She lyked to have fingers thrust downe her throate, and could [Fol. 4v] endure how farre so ever downe any could convay their finger without any disturbance by it which all others have.()