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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Dr. Robert SheremanA man from London, who attends to the fourteen year old girl, Mary Glover, as her first physician and a fellow of the College of Physicians, "and as such a member of the country's medical elite." He works with a surgeon (Anonymous 442), at first to cure Mary Glover of her swollen throat and neck. However, although he administers "sundry remedies, for the squinacy," (tonsilitis), nothing seemed to work, and the only thing that brought the girl ease was "by thrusting som finger, or instrument lowe into her throte." Mary Glover suffers from these symptoms some eighteen days, before she is able to eat again. However, at the end of that time, "her belly was swelled, and shewed in it, and in the brest, certaine movings," as well as her previous symptoms of dumbness, blindness, and swelling of the throat. At this point, Dr. Shereman begins to suspect that Mary Glover is suffering from "som supernaturall cause." However, he attempts to treat the girl for "hystericall passions," and the disease known as the suffocation of the mother, which was believed to share many traits with possession. However, any attempts to cure the girl "prooved in vaine," and he concluded that she was afflicted by supernatural beings. The parents of Mary Glover decide to pursue the help of a different doctor after that time. (Fol. 5r)All this while Doctor Shereman and a Chirurgeon were used who minstered unto her sundry remedies, for the squinacy, as they then tooke it to be, but prevayled nothinge, her chiefest ease was by thrusting som finger, or instrument lowe into her throte, whereby somwhat seemed to remove downeward.()