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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 442A man from London, who assists Dr. Shereman in treating the fourteen year old Mary Glover for her fits. Anonymous 442 is a surgeon, and both men treat Mary Glover for quincy (or supperative tonsilitis). However, the girl still has difficulty swallowing, and it seems nothing helps except "by thrusting som finger or instrument lowe into her throte." The doctor and the surgeon are unable to cure the girl, and conclude that the cause of her illness must be supernatural. (Fol. 5r)All this while Doctor Shereman and a Chirurgeon were used who minstered unto her sundry remedies, for the squinacy, as they then tooke it to be, but prevayled nothinge, her chiefest ease was by thrusting som finger, or instrument lowe into her throte, whereby somwhat seemed to remove downeward.()