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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
William, Bishop of LincolnA man from Buckden in the county of Huntingdon, known to be Bishop of Lincoln. Mother Alice Samuel was brought before him by Robert Throckmorton and Dr. Dorington to make her official confession. She confessed before him twice, first on December 26, 1592, and again on December 29, 1592.(59)The Examination of Alice Samuell of Warbois, in the countie of Huntinngton, taken at Buckden before the right reuerend Father in God, William, by Gods permission Bishop of Lincolne, the 26 of December, 1592. Being asked whether a dun chicken did ever suck on her chin, and how often, the said Examinat sayth, that it sucked twise and no more since Christmas euens euen last. Being asked whether it was a natural chicken, she saith that it was not, she knoweth that it was no natural chicken, because when it came to her chin she scarce feele it, but when she wiped it off with her hand, her chin did bleed. She saith further, that the sayd dun chicken first come unto her and sucke on her chin before it came to M. Throgmortons house, and that the ill and the trouble that hath come to M. Throgmortons children, hath come by means of the sayd dun chicken, the which chicken she knoweth is now both gone from them and from her. And further she sayth, that M. Throgmorton and M. doctor Dorington shall bring further information of such things as yet she hat not declared. The Examination of Alice Samuell of Warboyi in the Countie of Huntington, taken at Buckden the 29 day of December 1592, before the reuerend Father in God, William by Gods permission Bishop of Lincolne, Francis Crumwell, and Richard Tryce, Esquires, Iustices of her Maiesty's peace within the Countie aforesayd.()