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Assertions for a specific person.

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Justice FennerA man from Huntingdon in the county of Huntingdon, known to be a justice and a judge. He witnesses Joan Throckmorton have fits of struggling and groaning whenever Agnes Samuel says God or Jesus Christ. Robert Throckmorton also has Agnes demonstrate before Justice Fenner how Joan will come out of her fits whenever Agnes says "As I am a witch, & a worse witch then my mother, & did consent to the death of the La. Crumwell, so I charge the devil to let mistr. Ioan Throck. come out of her fit at this present." Joan is well for 15 minutes after this, and then falls into a shaking fit before the Judge until Agnes repeats the words. She has several such fits in his presence.(104-)To come therfore now to the Assises day last past on wednesday the 4. of April, Mrs. Joan went to Huntingto, & as she wet upon the way was very well, as she was also all the morning & so continued untill within halfe an houre after shee had taken her chamber in the Inne: & then suddently as she sate by the fire she fel into her fit, & having continued so a litle space, there came divers up into the chaber to see her, who perceiving that she sate so quietly, would not be perswaded of any thing to be a misse in her: many of them tooke her by the hand, & spake to her as they thought good, but shee neither heard not perceived any thing at all: The some of the copany turned the to the mayd Agnes Samuell, who stood by her & came that morning with Mr. Ioan fro Warboys, & enquiring of her concerning her faith & service of God, she answered that she served God as other people did, whe she named God Mrs. Ioan began to start and struggle with her armes, as if all had not beene wel, which the copany perceiving, brought her somthing neerer, & willed her to say y Lords praier and her beliefe, which the maid began to do, but before she went halfe through, the company desired her for copassion sake to stay her prayers: for the Gentlewoman Mrs. Joan was so grieuously tormented in her body as that it set them all in a maze that saw it, and were resolved of that whereof before they stood doubtfull, namely that Mistres Ioane was not in perfect estate: So the company continued their speech to the mayd, & ever as by occasion she named God or Jesus Christ, mistres Ioane started and strugled with her selfe, sheuering & shaking of her armes & sholders in that manner, as that every body perceived easily that it was not possible for any so to doe of themselves, yea and many times when no body noted the name of God to be uttered by the mayd, yet would mistres Ioan put them in mind thereof by her strugling. And if the mayd chanced to double the name of God in her mouth, as to say the God of heaven and earth, or Jesus Christ the sonne of God, it would not suffer her to sit upon her stoole: But when she desired the God of heaven & earth to helpe her, or Jesus Christ the sonne of God to be merciful to her, why then it would so strangely torment her, as that they that saw it could not tel whether they should more woonder to see the sight, then lament and pittie the Gentlewomans case, then a Gentleman in the company (well acquainted with those maners) willed the mayd to say to mistres Ioan, my God helpe you, or my God preserve & deliver you, or the God who I serve defend you and be merciful unto you, which she did, but mistres Ioan never once mooved therat, but when she was willed againe to say Jesus Christ deliuer you, or the God of heaven & earth helpe you, then would she so struggle & grone, as that al the chamber sounded withall. And this was prooved an hundred times that day, before five hundred men at severall times, and in the same evening after the Court was broken up, M. Justice Fenner who for that time was Judge alone, had a desire to see mistres Ioan Throckmorton, then being at the signe of the crowne in the Hunt. being the place where the sayd Iudge with a great assembly of Iustices & gentleme met the said Mistr. Ioan Throck. in a faire Alley, being at that present out of her fit, & perfectly well, & after some speeches made by the said Iudge to mistres Ioan, she fel into one of her ordinarie fits, her eyes closed up, shaking her shoulders & her armes stretched out right, ready to fall to the ground, but that she was assisted by her father, & not being able to stand, she was led into an arbor, whether also went both the Iudge, & the other company, there they saw the said Mrs. Ioan grieuously tormeted most pittiful to behold, many good prayers were made both by the Iudge & all the copany, but no case appeared: the the father of the said Mr. Ioan told the Iudge that there was one in the company (naming Agnes Sam.) that if she would say certain words in the maner of a charge, y then the said mistr. Ioan shalbe presently well, a thing desired of all the company, therfore the Iudge caused the said Agnes Sam. to stand forward, and to know the charge, which was repeated by M. Throck. father of the said mistr. Ioane, the words were these: As I am a witch, & a worse witch then my mother, & did consent to the death of the La. Crumwell, so I charge the devil to let mistr. Ioan Throck. come out of her fit at this present. But before Agnes Sam. spoke the charge to make some triall in others of the effect thereof, the Iudge himself, D. Dorington, M. Throckm & others spake the words of the charge, but the said mistres Ioan had finall ease by their speeches, neither would she come out of her fit, the both the Iudge & the other copany made many good prayers & petitions to God, but no amendment appeared, after this Agnes Sam. was comanded by the Iudge to make some good praiers to God for the ease of the sayd mistr. Ioan, which she did, at which time if the said Agnes Sam. had prayed to God or Jesus Christ, then the said mistres Ioan was in shew more troubled then before, & the reason was foretold by the said mistres Ioan, & all her other sisters by the spirite, that whensoever the said Agnes did use the name of God or Jesus Christ, they shold be worse troubled then whe any other spake y words, for he that is perfect God almightie will not suffer his name to be used in the mouth of such a wicked creatures, which was then proued true, then Agnes Sam. was comanded to say as I am no witch, neither did cosent to the death of the La. Cruwell, so I charge the devil to let mrs. Ioan come out of her fit at this present, but all this was to no purpose: lastly the sayde Agnes Sam. was commanded to say the right charge, which was as I am a witch, & a worse witch then my mother, and did consent to the death of the La. Crumwell, so I charge the deuil to let Mistres Ioan Throckmorton come out of her fit at this present. These wordes were no sooner spoken by the said Agnes Samuel, but the said Mistres Ioan Thorkmorton wyped her eies and came out of her fit, & made low renerence to the Iudge, and so shee remained about halfe a quarter of an houre, and then shee fell into an other kinde of fitt, first shaking one legg & after the other, then one arme & after the other, & then her head & shoulders, with other extraordinarie passions, to the great griefe of them that were present: but the Judge greatly lamenting the case. When both he and many others ha dmade some good prayers (and finding no ease) caused the said Agnes Samuell to repeat another charme, vx. As I am a Witch & would have bewitched to death Mistres Ioan Throkmorton in her last weeke of her great sicknes, so I charge the Diuel to let Mistres Ioan come out of her fit at this present: which words being saide by the said Agnes Samuell, the said Mistres Ioan was presently well. Then the Judge asked her where shee had beene: Shee anuswered, I have beene a sleepe. I pray God, said the Judge, send you no more such sleepes. Soone after, shee fell into one of her other ordinarie fittes, with a most strange & terrible kind of neesing, and other passions, the which was so vehement & pittifull to be heard, that it moued all the companie at one instant, to pray to God to saue her, fearing that her head would have burst in sunder, or her eies start out of the same, so that the Iudge made small delay, but caused the said Agnes Samuel to speak the other charme, which was, As I am a Witch, and did bewitch Mistres Pikering of Ellington, since my mothers confession: so I charge the Divel, to let Mistres Ioan come out of her fit at this present: which words being spoken, presently the said Mistres Ioan was well as ever shee was in her life, & so hath continued without any grife or fittes till this day. The Lord be thanked therefore.()