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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
John LangleyA man from Brampton in the county of Huntingdon. Robert Poulter, vicar of Brampton, a deposition before the Huntingdon Assizes on behalf John Langley, who was too sick to come to court himself. Langley claimed to Mother Alice Samuel bewitched various of his livestock to death, and caused him to become sick, after she overheard him order that she was to have no meat. He is said to have died during the Assizes.(110)Then the confession of old mother Samuel (before specified) made the 26. day of December 1592 last past at Burkden, before the reuerent father in God William Bishop of Lincolne, was openly redd: So also was read the confession of the saide mother Samuell made at Burkden afore saide the 29 day of December 1592 before the saide reuerent father in God. William Bishop of Lincolne, Fraunces Cromwel, & Richard Tryce Esquires, Iustices of her Maiesties peace within the countie of Huntington, which also is before specified. After these confessions redd, and deliuered to the Jury, is pleased God for the further proofe & ouerthrowe of these wicked persons to reare up moe witnesses at that time unexpected, who spake som things of their owne knowledge, and some of the reporte: the first was Robert Poulter vicar & Curat of Brampton aforesaid, who said openly that one of his parishioners called Iohn Langley, at that instant being very sicke in his bed, had tolde him, that one day he being at Huntington at the signe of the crowne, did in the hearing of old mother Samuell forbid Mister Knowles of Brampton aforesaid, to give her any meate, for that shee was an old Witche: and thereupon in the afternoon, as he went from Huntington to Brampton, having a good horse under him, he presently died in the feilde: and within too dayes after, by the providence of God, he did escape death, twice or thrice very daungerously: and though it pleased God, not to suffer the devill to have the maistry of his body at that time, yet presently after, he lost as many good and sound Cattell to all mennes iudgements, as were worth twentie markes: himselfe, not long after, in bodie extraordinarily handled. And the same night of the day of Assises, as after it proued true, the same Iohn Langley died. ()