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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Jailor of HuntingdonA man from the vicinity of Huntingdon Gaol in the county of Huntingdon, known to be a Jailor/Gaoler. He gave deposition at Mother Alice Samuel's trial, alleging that she bewitched one of his men (Anonymous 445) so that he began to have fits much like the Throckmorton children, and died of it five or six days later. He also claimed that his son, Anonymous 446, became sick with fits as well. The child did not improve until the Jailor brought him to Mother Samuel's bedside and had him scratch her. After Mother Samuel, Agnes Samuel and John Samuel were executed, he stripped them for burial and found a lump of flesh on Mother Samuel's body "adioyning to so secrete a place, which was not decent to be seene."(59, 61)The Examination of Alice Samuell of Warboyi in the Countie of Huntington, taken at Buckden the 29 day of December 1592, before the reuerend Father in God, William by Gods permission Bishop of Lincolne, Francis Crumwell, and Richard Tryce, Esquires, Iustices of her Maiesty's peace within the Countie aforesayd. [...] After these cofessions thus made, mother Samuel and hir daughter were committed to the gayle of Huntington. Now that we haue brought mother Samuell to the gayle, we will let her there rest in Gods peace and the Queenes untill the next generall Assises day holden at Huntington, and although many things fel out unhappily concerning her, during her continuance in the gayle, whereof she was greatly suspected, as the death of one of the Gaylers servants whom she threatned, the extreme sicknesse of one of his children, with his present ammending after the scratching of her, and diverse other thinges which are shrewd peeces of evidence against her, if there had bene nothing else layd to her charge: yet because they doe not concerne the trouble of these children, neither is a matter so perfectly knowne to the authors of this booke, it is therefore but touched by the way.()