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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mrs. HopperA woman from Arpington in the county of Kent, who is part of the group of spectators (Anonymous 449) who witness Anonymous 32's fits as Doctor Boreman sat next to her praying. It is conveyed that Mrs. Hopper especially heard Anonymous 32, in one of her fits say in a dreadful tone "weaker and weaker, weaker and weaker" repeatedly. Others in the group of spectators became fearful of the maid in her fits and so dispersed, but Mrs. Hopper decidedly remained until the Doctor (Doctor Boreman) finished his prayer. Later, when Mrs. Hopper and Doctor Boreman were the only two left in the room with the young maid, they could allegedly hear one of the spirits (Anonymous 88) inside the maid and she barked twice. She is described as a brave, gentlewoman who was resolved to be a witness and see all events surrounding Anonymous 32 through to the end.(3-4)[...] she appeared almost a heap with a face though comely and well favour'd before, yet in this fit so squeez'd, and drawn out of shape, that her nearest Relations, had not they been acquainted with what happened before, could not have known her, her Teeth were set, as at the approach of Death, and her strained Eye-string had pulled her eye-balls an incredible way into her head; in this dreadful posture she appear'd when the Attester came into the Room, and found her acquaintance Doctor Boreman earnestly at his Prayers by her, so that all the Spectators reamin's in a great Silence and expectation of what would be the even of so unusual an accident. But no Curiosity could be large enough to expect what immediately happened, for as this worthy Doctor was in the midst of his Devotion, not withstanding the Maids Teeth were so set, and her Lips as aforesaid, yet at the very juncture, all the people might hear these Infernal Spirits groan as it were in her Belly; and whether it were through the extream fervency of him who Prayed, or any other supernature cause, Heaven only knows, but at length one of these Spirits or Devils was heard by all the Spectators, and particularly by Mrs. Hopper, who the stood very near her, in a dreadful Tone to speak thefe words very distinctly, Weaker and weaker, weaker and weaker; which Exclamation it repeated four times over, and then seased. What Horror, what Consternation and Amazement did this, or rather did it not, work in the wondering Auditors, some of them clapt their hands on their Hearts, and with Elevated Eyes, seemed to tell the rest, that Amazement had made the loofe, or at least forget the use of their Tongues, others stood as still, as if they had been metamorphised into Statues; others ran out of the Room almost senseless, and were sometime before they could declare the Reason of so sudden a surprisal. But this Gentlewoman being of an undaunted Courage, was resolved to stay and see the last of what would happen, and therefore stirred not out of the room till the Doctor had done, and a little after, both she and all that were left in the Room, might again hear one of the same Spirits within her, which had got possession of the Maid, to bark like a Dogg twice together.()