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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 452 (Plural)A number of men from London, who serve as the judges and justices of Elizabeth Jackson at her trial. These men include the Lord Chief Justice, Sir Edmund Anderson; the Recorder of London, Sir John Crook; Sir William Cornwallis, Sir Jerome Bowes, and "divers others." They preside over the 12 hour trial, which include an examination of Mary Glover in one of her fits, where they observe the "stiffenes of her body," the voice coming from her nostrils saying "Hang her" and her lack of reaction to being burned, and they also weigh the numerous points of evidence presented them, including the testimonies of diverse witnesses, the manner that Mary Glover fell ill, the curses of Elizabeth Jackson, and the nature of Mary Glover's fits. The judges seem to unanimously feel that Mary Glover was bewitched, and impart this viewpoint onto the jury.(Fol. 31v - Fol. 32r)After dinner the Lord Anderson Mr. Recorder of London, Sir William Cornwallis, Sir Jerome Bowes, and divers other Justices went up into the Chamber, to see the mayde; before whome went the Towneclearke, with som officers; with thundring voyces crying; bring the fyre, and hot Irons, for this Counterfett; Come wee will marke her, on the Cheeke, for a Counterfett: but the senseles mayde apprehended none of these things. After the Justices had considered the figure, and stiffenes of her body, Mr. Recorder againe [Fol. 32r] with a fyred paper burnt her hand, untill it blistered. Then was Elizabeth Jackson sent for, At the instant of whose coming into the Chamber, that sound in the maides nostrills, which before that time, was not so well to be distinguished, seemed both to them in that Chamber, and also in the next adjoyning, as plainely to be discerned, Hang her, as any voyce, that is not uttered by the tongue it selfe can be. The voyce likewise beinge lifted up into a farr lowder accent, then accustomed. ()