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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 461A man from the vicinity of Castle Alley near Broken Wharf in London, known to be a cunning-man. The innkeeper Anonymous 459 consulted with him when his child became strangely tormented. Anonymous 461 revealed, after making Anonymous 459 swear not to tell who told him, that Anne Kirk was responsible for the child's affliction. He showed Anonymous 459 Anne Kirk's image in a glass.(100-101)Againe, at another time, this witch fell out with an Inkeeper; and in revengement, bewitched his only childe so strangely, as that by no means of Physik which he could get, it could be recouered; but still it was from time to time tormented, till it dyed. But before the death, the Father (finding no helpe by Physicke) went to a cuning man (as they call them;) who told him, that the causer of his childes torments was one that was conversant in his house: and (after promise made of not revealing the partie) he shewed him in a glasse this witch, Anne Kerke. After this, this man the Father of the childe, met this witch comming out of his neighbours dore, and making stay till she was gon, tolde his neighbour that she was a witch, and that she had bewitched his childe to death. Wherevpon he going home, fell sick and dyed.()