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Assertions for a specific person.

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Anonymous 466A man from London, who "did but study and contemplate upon this subject of Witchcraft and discovered a "Popish Idol" at Cheapside Cross, "which for many years," which few had known was there, until it was pulled down "at the command of the Parliament," and the where it falsely was made with pipes to shed tears, "bewitching the people." (42 - 43)But we must know that in Queen Elizabeths time the Pro|testant Religion being then in its minority, when as Popery was but only suppressed, and not worn out of the memory, nor out of the hearts and affections of men (that yet in out|ward shew were Protestants) it was a brief tenent in the U|niversities, that he that did but study and contemplate upon this subject of Witchcraft was a dealer with unlawful and vain Science, and ought to be censured for a Witch, and by this subtill tradition they feared all Students, that no man dared to search into the bowels and secrets of that Craft, least (as they knew full well) thereby he should discover to the World the secret Impostures of the Popish Religion, which is altogether upheld by Witchcraft, of which Religion, many stood daily in expectation to have it set on foot as brief as ever, when (as they hoped) the times would change. Hath God given nine several descriptions of Witchcraft at once? Deut. 18.10, 1 and reiterated them in many places of Scripture that we might take notice, who and what they are, with the Mystery of iniquity, and delusions that they practised? and shall not we study and contemplate upon it? by this vain tra|dition were many of their devillish Witchcrafts concealed, and came not to light, for many years, to the view of the world; example of that Popish Idol, Cheapside Crosse, which stood for many years like the Golden Image of Nebuchadnez|zar, few men knowing the jugling Witchcraft that was therein, untill at the command of the Parliament it being pulled down, there were found therein the severall slights to move the Arms, Eyes, and Heads of the Images, and the Pipes to convey the water to make the Images shed tears in compassion to the peoples prayers, and to convey Milk into the breasts of the Image of the Virgin Mary, that the poor deluded people (seeing such lying Wonders, as Images of Gold, to move, to weep, and shed tears in abundance, and Milk to drop out of the Virgins breasts, through her earnest labouring with her Son to hear, and grant the prayers of the people) went home, bewitched to that devillish Idolatry by that grand Witch, that Whore of Rome that hath deceived all Nations with her Witchcraft, Revel. 18.23. yet, to the grief of the hearts of this Popish crew, in the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, many of their devillish Witch|crafts were daily discovered, as in Master Lamberts Book of the Perambulation of Kent it appeareth, was discovered the Rhood of grace in Kent, who was always accompanied and helped by little St. Rumball, which Idol as Mr. Scot noteth in Lib. 7. Chap. 6. was not inferiour in all deluding Impostures to the great Idol Apollo (or Apollos Oracle) whose Priests were the grand Witches of the World in its time) yet after|ward the wires that made the eyes of the Images to goggle, and the Pins and Instruments for several delusions were dis|covered, with all the Witchcraft of the jugling Priests, with every circumstance thereof, which Image and Instruments were openly burnt together, by the authority and command of the Queen.()