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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
James BishopA man from Winton, who is the author of three books, called _Daemonology_, in the name and title of the works of King James I. Thomas Addy, author of _A Candle in the Dark_ (1655) admonishes James Bishop among a number of authors in England who have allowed themselves to be seduced into believing false information about witches.(139 - 140 )THE THIRD BOOK: SHEWING The vanity of some English VVriters concerning VVitches. The first is Iames Bishop of Winton, setting forth three Books, called Daemonology, in the name and title of the Works of King Iames (and whether the Bishop or the King were the Composer of that Work, I stand not to argue) which VVorks are collected out of these Popish Writers be|fore mentioned, which the Author acknowledgeth in the Preface to his Book, where he alledgeth Bodinus, Hyperius, and Hemingius for confirmation of the truth of the matter contained in his VVorks, but not a jot of Scripture is pro|duced in all the VVork, if rightly interpreted, to prove it to be truth and yet the Author himself confesseth of Bodinus, that his Book of Daemonomanie is collected with greater dili|gence, than composed with judgement; and truly I wish every wise man (that desireth to be resolved in his judge|ment concerning these Opinions) to observe that passage; ()