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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 101A man from Norwich in the county of Norfolk, who serves as mayor to the town. Three cases of demoniacs offer their vomited stones, pins, pieces of glass, buckles, buttons, quills, etc. to him as evidence of their possession. These including John Ballard's daughter from Bungay, Ann Burgess of St. Edmund's Parish, and Grace Brown from Norwich.(7 - 8)The Daughter of one John Ballard of Ditching|ham-Dam, near Bungy in Norfolk, who was Be|witched for above 2 Years, she voiding out of her Mouth many Stones, Crooked-pins, a piece of Glass, a Buckle, Buttons, and other things, which the Father of the Child hath now by him to shew, the Girl having many strange Fits in a day. All which was shewn and attested before the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Norwich by th Childs Father, and many others. ()