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Assertions for a specific person.

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Anonymous 494The daughter of Gentleman who lives in "the west" (presumably of England), who is bewitched by a maidservant (Anonymous 493) who worked for her family who would allegedly steal small objects and give them to her friends. After the gentleman's daughter reported the maidservant (who swore vengeance on her), she began to experience torments; her mouth would twist and her tongue would extend if she attempted to speak. She would vomit burning coals, hair, hay, and rags, she would be pinched, beaten, and bitten (the indents of toothmarks could be seen). In the end the gentleman's daughter's allegation supposedly caused the examination of some 20 witches.()A LETTER Concerning the WITCHES In the WEST Sir, at your Requet I have ent you here a hort Accompt of e- veral trange paages concerning the Witches here, and a Gentle- mans Daughter, who is dredfully Afflicted by them. The firt caue of her Affliction is imputed to a Servant maid in her Father's Houe, who ued to convey any mall thing he could come eaily by, to uch of her Aquancance as he bet liked ; which was firt oberved by this Damoel. She informed her Mother, who took more trick notice to her for the future, and frequently ent the Damoel to attend her when he went to the Cellar, or Butrie, or other places where any thing lay that might make for her purpoe. The Servant maid[?] undertanding he was taken notice of, blamed this Damoel as the principle Caue of it, and bagen to threaten he would be Avenged on her : And this Servant Maid being ince known to be a Witch is apprehended; What means he ued for afflicting of this Damoel, GOD knows, but ince that time he has been mot grievouly Tormented, as perhaps any that ever you heard of. For ometimes when he offereth to Inform againt any of theis Witches, which are her Tormenters, her Ton- gue is dran out at her Mouth to uch length as eems incredible. ome- times trhut down her Throat, ometimes her Mouth is twited about in a mot fearful manner, by which means he was long hindred to inform a- gaint everal of her chief Tormenters, epecially two or three that swelt near to her Father's Houe: Sometimes he vomiteth Hay, Rags, Hair, and many other things wonderful to be heard of. But it plea- ed GOD he got them named at length, and ince they were apprehend- ed he has power to inform againt as many as he pleaeth, and has in- formed againt many, of whom there is upwards of 10 apprehended, and three or four of thee Confeing and Imforming againt others of the Com- plices, and the Damoel's Information and theirs agreeth, notwithtand- ing each of them are kept apart by themelves. Many times he is pinched, beaten, and bitten by thee Witches, even in preence of many, who ee nothing, notwithtanding he poitively affirms he ees them, and ometimes talks with them; and thoe preent with her will ee the Stedds of Teeth in thoe places where the Damoel affirms he has been bitten. One Night he went over the Bed-ide from betwixt her Father and Mother, (with whom he uually lies) and on a udden gave a mot dreadful Screich, her parens asking her the Caue thereof, he told them, the Devil had beaten her very ore. On one of the days of Fating and prayer kept for this Damoel, for her Delivery from Satan's Tyrranny : She informed, together with the abovementioned Confeing Witches, That there wa a great Meting of thee Witches with the Devil in the Gentle- mans own Garden, while the people were at Church, and that everal Me- thods was propoed by the Devil for hindering her further to inform againt them : and it was ocncluded: That the Houe hould be pulled down on her and the ret of the Family, but it pleaed God to retrain them. I might have caued this account swell to a great bulk, but I have en- deavoured to mention the mot material paages in as little Room as is posible, and [???] nothing of Conequence but what is here touched. Sir, Your humble Servant. D. L()