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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mark SharpA man from Chester who allegedly kills Anne Walker with a coal-digging tool(19-20)[A] young woman called Anna Walker to his kinswoman, that kept his house, who was by the Neighbours suspected [...]o be with child, and to as towards the dark of the evening one night sent away with one Mark Sharp, who was a Collier, or one that diged Coals under ground, and one who had been born in Blak-burne-Hundred in Lancashire, and so she was not heard of, for a long time, and no noise, or little was made about her. In the Winter time, one James Graham, being a Miller, and living about two miles from the place, where Walker lived, was one night alone very late in the Mill grinding Corn. And as about twelve, or one a clock at night he came down the stairs, from having been puting Corn in the Hopper, the Mill-doors being shut, there stood a Woman upon the midst of the Floor with her hair about her head hanging down, and all bloody, with 5. large wounds on her head. He being much affrighted and amazed, began to bless himself, and at last asked her, who she was, and what she wanted? To whom she answered, I am the Spirit of such a Woman, who lived with Walker, and being got with child by him, he promised to send me to a private place, where I should be well lookt to, until I was brought to bed, and well recovered, and then I should come home again, and keep his house. And accordingly said the Apparition, I was one night late sent away with one Mark Sharp, who upon a Moor (naming a place which the Miller knew) slew me with a Pick (such as men dig Coals withal) and gave me these five wounds, and after threw my body into a Coal pit hard by, and hid the Pick under a bank: and his shoes, and stockings being bloody he endeavoured to wash: but seeing the blood would not wash forth, he hid them there. And the Apparation further told the Miller, that he must be the man to reveal it, or else that she must still appear and haunt him()