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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Lydia RogersA woman from the district of Wapping in the City of London, wife of a carpenter, John Rogers and mother of two. Although she was formerly "a great professor of religion," Lydia becomes bedeviled in March of 1658 after she allegedly signs a blood contract with the devil in the shape of a minister who agrees to give her money for cloth that her husband will not provide. She suffers from "raving fits" that continually renew themselves. The tract concerns itself with making Roper an object lesson on church-hopping in an era of "heriticks, schismaticks, and seducers."(6)When she was examined she was in a raving fit, and so likewise all the time of prayers she continued raving, insomuch that divers persons in the room were forced to hold her.()