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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 19An Anabaptist woman who lived on Old-Gravel lane in an unknown area of England, who was said to be possessed by the Devil and would speak in tongues, meow like a kitten and go suddenly blind. She becomes possessed after trying to convince her husband (Anonymous 482) to become baptized, and suffers from "strange and unusual Gestures, and involuntary Motions both of her Tongue and other Members." Ministers (Anonymous 483) visit her and converse with the spirit (Anonymous 240) possessing her, who admits to being sent from "a woman below." (Anonymous 238) These ministers believe the spirit is the Devil himself. The woman is unable to eat while possessed, as "the Vessels of her throat were stopped" whenever she attempted to eat. The spirit possessing her threatens in front of a number of Divines (Anonymous 484) to "throw her into the water, and so destroy her." It also tells the divines that it will make them sick for attempting to help the woman, and that "Prayers were not effectual, save only in [the] Pulpit." The woman remained possessed.(2)Amongft other prefidents (of latter times) of this nature; none could be more figually remarkable than that of a Woman now living on old Gravel-Lane ucer Katliff, who is at this time, and hath ever fince the 21 of March laft been poffeffed with the Devil and the deplorable Subject of his infulting Tyranny.()