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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Joseph WrightA man from London in the county of Greater London, who wanders the streets naked for ten or twelve years and fasts for thirty-five consecutive days.(1)IT is not unknown to most of the Inhabitants in and about the City of London, how Mr. Joseph Wright has for Reasons (best known to himself) gone Naked, from the Waste upwards, and exposed himself to the tharpest and keenest Frosts, that have happen[e]d in so many Years, not regarding the Admonitions and Perswasions of his Friends to the contrary, who are known to be Persons of good Worth; so that 'tis believed his Obstinacy proceeded from a Resolution as unaccountable and irrevocable, as this which he has taken up of late, being resolved not to Eat nor Drink during his Confinement.()