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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Robert AldridgeA man from Nottingham in the county of Nottinghamshire, known to be clerk vicar of Saint Maries in Nottingham, who gives deposition alleging that he saw William Sommers naked with something the size of a mouse running up his right leg, then into his left leg, and then entering his belly. Sommers' belly swelled massively, then the swelling reduced to the size of a fist and moved to his breast, and moved from there to his neck and under his ear, where it remained at the size of a French walnut for a quarter hour. Aldridge heard a strange hollow voice insisting he belong to it, which he called a liar and replied that he was God's. Aldridge also said that Sommers acted strangely the rest of the day, and, when restrained, proved to have the strength of five men. Sommers' bed was also seen to shake and move, and a shape like five kittens moved under the coverlet.(Image 13)Robert Aldridge Clerk vicar of Sanct Maries in Nott: sworne, and examined sayth, that first he comming to William Somm: vppon Thurs daie being the 3 of November (as he thinketh) he found him lying vppon a bed, no bed clothes lying vppon him, but onelie his owne hose: a[n]d sawe a thing running vp his right leg to the quantitie of a mouse, and he calling vnto God by prayer, immediatelie it removed out of the right leg, into the left, and laying his hand therevppon immediatelie it removed into his bellie, where it did swell to a verie great quantitie, twise so big as his bodie as he thinketh, and from thence into his brest, and there it was the bignes of his fist, and from thence into his neck, and from thence vnder his eare, where it remayned in the bignes of a french wallnut, not changing his former colour, and so remayned there for the space of a quarter of an houre: and the sayd Sommers liing vppon his back, his hands were holden by two there standing by the whole time this examinant was there. And this examinant further sayth, that he heard in a strange hollowish voyce, that he was his, and this examinant answering sayd that he lied, he was Gods: and that he had made a promise vnto God in Baptisme to be his, then the voyce answered that he was God, Christ, and a king; & that he made Baptisme, & that he made him his by a newe Covenant, for he had given him 3. pen: & that it was in the boyes sleiue, which beingh searched, there was noone such to be found, then it sayd agayne that it was in his glove. This Examinant also further sayth, that the sayd William Sommers: the xvij. of November last, from the houre of 7. off the clock, vnto 3. off the Clock in the afternoone off the same daye continued straungelie, diverselie vexed, and tormented: a[n]d had such strength as five men had much a doe to keepe him downe during which time he exceded in swelling, stritching, roaring, and yelling verie fearefullie gnashinsh of his teeth, and foaming at his mouth. And also sayth that vppon the xviij. th of November betwixt 7, a[n]d 8. of the clock in the morning, he went into the house of Robert Cooper, where William Som: laye to heare howe he had done the night before, and he standing in the hall heard a great knocking in the Parlour where the boye laye, and suddenlie he rushed in, where he found the boye alone in his bed, lying with his face vpward in his fit, with his mouth drawne awrie, and his eyes staringh as though they would have started out of his head. And this Examinant kneeling downe to prayer heard the knockingh agayne vnder his knees as he thought. And in the bed vnder the coverlet, he sawe the forme, and shape as it were of five kitlings in quantitie to the veiwe of his eye. And agayne this Examinant sawe the bed clothes at the feete to shake, move, and leape as the leaves of an Aspen tres shaken with the winde. ()