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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anne StarchieA girl of Cleworth in the county of Lancashire in the parish of Leigh, known to be the daughter of NIcholas Starchie and the sister of John Starchie, who at the age of nine allegedly began to suffer fits caused by Edmund Hartley. She was first taken with a dumpy and heavy countenance. Anne Starchy is alleged to have been given to scoffing and blasphemy during her fits, and to have caused a loud whupping noise by joining hands with other possessed persons. She described her possessor as being a foul ugly man with a white beard and a head-sized bulge on his chest. It is said that she developed supernatural strength and knowledge, able to foretell her fits.(Image 5, 9, 21)At Cleworth in Lancashire within the parish of Leigh, ther dweleth one Nicholas Starchie gentleman who having only two children it went thus with them in the beginning of februari 1594 first Anne his daughter being 9 Yeares olde, was taken with a dumpish and heauie countenaunce and with a certaine fearefull starting and pulling together of her body about a weeke after Iohn Starchie his sonne of the age of 10 yeares, as he was going to the schoole was compelled to shout, neither was able to staie himselfe. after the waxed worse and worse, falling into often and extreame fits, M Starchie seeking for remidy, after 9 or 10 weekes, heard of one Edmund Hartlay a coniurer to whom he repaired, made knowne his greife, & with large profers craued his helpe. [...] Not long after our comming all 7. being had into a chamber, the one of vs applyed his speach according to the present occasion: and then behold all of them even Iane Ashton, and M Starchies children were presently most greuiously tormented Yea, Satan in Iohn Starchie exceeded for crueltye. And thus they contynued all that afternoone. 3. or 4. of them gaue themselues to Scoffing and Blasphemy, calling the holy Bible being brought vp bible bable, bible bable. and thus they did a loud and often All or most of them ioyned together in a strang and supernatural loud whupping that the house and ground did sound therwith againe by reason wherof we were dryven (as I maye say) out of the chamber and keept out for that daye. [...] Anne Starchy said, he went like a foule vgly man, with a white beard and a great bulch on his brest as big as a mans head. and straitway returned to haue reentered, but she faithfully resisted, Euen so said El. Hol. the whit beard excepted. [...] Such supernaturall knowledge (as well as strength) haue all those had, whom I affirme to haue bene possesed with vncleane spirites. For hence it came to passe that those in Lancashire foretold there fits, the number, manner and continuance of them.()