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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Sarah BowerA fourteen year old girl from Wapping in London, who in 1693 starts suffering strange fits after an invisible hand hits her on the back while in a yard near her aunt's house, leaving her seeming as though she was dead. Sarah Bower is described as "of a Temper pretty Brisk and Lively, somewhat given to Pride." A surgeon (Anonymous 99) is sent for, and after blooding her, she seems somewhat recovered. However, Sarah Bower finds her side is numb after her fit, and she bends at the waist from the weight of her limbs that hang as though dead. Her fits continue in intervals over several weeks, and it is believed that these fits are caused by "Fright she might receive by the Stroke on the Back." The many doctors that visit Sarah Bower, including Richard Kirby, give her "Comfortable things to take." However, she is not cured, and the doctors proclaim that they had never seen fits of such a nature before. After six weeks of continued fits, Sarah Bower rises one morning to find that "she was taken Speechless." Her tongue was also contracted. With the permission of Sarah Bower's aunt, Kirby, an author and doctor put his hand into her mouth, and tried to move her tongue, only to find it fixed. Some time later, at a neighbour's house, a gentleman dressed all in black offered Sarah Bower riches in return from blood from her arm. However, this caused Sarah Bower to make all the "Noise that possible she could," causing her neighbours to come in, and the "black Gentleman or Devil [to] immediately Vanish[...]" When Sarah Bower tries to describe these events, most neighbours believe that "some Rogue had attempted to Rob the house." The following Thursday, Sarah Bower regains her power of speech, and relates the story about the Gentleman in black, citing that "he had sort of broad Feet like a Cow." She also tells of how an angel appeared to her, and advised her not to yield to Satan and predicted her death would arrive soon. The angel also sends a message through Sarah Bower, advising that if the "People of London, and England, did not speedily repent from their Sins, especially that of Pride in Apparrel, and turn from the Evil of their Ways, God Almighty would give them up as a Prey to their Enemies." She also predicted that she would lose the power of speech again, and "it would not be restored to her again till St. Thomas's-Day, at Christmas," when she would declare many more things. Further, Sarah Bower states that at two in the afternoon, she must go and meet the gentleman in black. Before this meeting, Sarah Bower looses her power of speech, and reads the 17th chapter of Matthew's Gospel in the Bible, while emitting a "buzzing Noise." At two o'clock, Sarah Bower leaves her room and went into the yard, "where she was soon thrown to the Ground in a strange manner," and her fits are more violent than every before. However, her neighbors could see "no Form or Shape [...] that could occasion her Fall." Sarah Bower's fits are believed to be caused by an Evil Spirit, that would "be troublesome, sometimes falling out a Laughing, other times making Faces at them," and spitting at those who pray for her. At other times during her fits, Sarah Bower barks like a dog, lowing like a bull, roaring like a lion, or makes "other most hedious Noise." It is believed that the Devil presents himself before her in "the hideous Shape of a Monstrous Fiery Dragon, other whiles a Lyon," and she is torn between the Angel "pulling one way, and the Devil another."(3)Sarah Bower, the present Subject of this Narration, is near 14 Years of Age, she was usually of a Temper pretty Brisk and Lively, somewhat given to Pride: Some Weeks agoe this Maid as she was going into a Yard near her Aunt[...] Dwelling received a Sroke on her Back by an invisible Hand, which struck her [...]at on the Ground; she was taken up as for Dead, but after some time, a Chyrurgeon being sent for who blooded her, she came in some measure to her self again[.]()